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AfricanXMag. Xeptional. Xtreme. UneXpected.

Hunters and adventurers everywhere have had enough.

We are starting a revolution.

Ethical hunters and adventurers have always been green.
We are the ones out there in the bush conserving nature while the woosies huddle in their high-rise buildings and eat the vegetarian meals.

So here it is - a magazine that speaks for hunters that actually admits: "We have been conserving nature all along. So sue us."

Join the read revolution. Now previous African Expedition issues can be be read online - and you can flip through the pages just like a book.
Now you can save paper and have fun.

Spectacular articles, incredible circulation and superb presentation. African Expedition Magazine.

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"Who's like us? - Pretty darn few".
 Chimp from Babe: Pig in the City

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