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Tired of hearing about corruption, disease and poverty in Africa? Well, we hear lots of bad stuff about your country too. Get some good news about us.

A Call for Change One of the strangest quirks of life here on this planet is the fact that the one face we hardly ever see is the one closest to us: our own.


Gabon, the river Sing. I was sweating like an overweight wrestler in 40-degree heat, carrying a pack that weighs half of what I do, and climbing through twisted masses of tree, vine, and root with a semi-automatic rifle following dangerously close to my rear

Happy anniversary! The year 1912 was a hallmark year for those of us who love the sport of big game hunting. Holland and Holland introduced a cartridge into their family of sporting cartridges which became the standard for big game hunting throughout world

Hunting buffalo and pulling teeth
It was just after sunrise and the warm yellow glow settled softly around us. We were slumbering in the back of the pick-up truck, as my father drove us out to the commercial farming area of Guruve. It was a comfortable trip for us… warm, smooth, and protected from the elements. We weren’t used to this luxury, so as the light fell on us, our heads nodded. .  


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Pull, lift or move
You have to pull, hoist or let down something that is very heavy and there is no windlass or block and tackle available.r

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