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Trout with Cointreau

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Trout with Cointreau and Almonds served with al dente vegetables

Grab your collapsible flyfishing pole and catch a couple of good-sized trout.

  • Gut the trout but leave the head on

  • Flavour some flour with salt and roll the trout in it

  • Get a big, solid pan and heat olive oil and a tablespoon of butter in it

  • Fry the trout slowly on both sides until golden brown. Take care not to overcook it.

Sauce and garnish

  • Use a new pan (no oil or anything else) and fry some sliced almonds until golden brown

  • Remove the almonds and add a tablespoon of butter to the pan

  • It may break your heart, but use about half a glass of Cointreau and add it to the pan. Light the concoction and enjoy the adulation of your impressed guests as the alcohol burns away.

  • Add a cup of cream

  • Thicken with flour to taste

  • Spoon on top of the trout and garnish with the almonds

Al dente veggies

  • Slice some mushrooms, green pepper, onions, cucurbits and cherry tomatoes into thick strips and chunks

  • Put olive oil and and some garlic in a wok and heat

  • Fry the veggies over high heat - but not too much, they must still be crunchy

  • Garnish with orange, lemon or grapefruit


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