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For sale:

Adjacent to the Mapungubwe National Reserve and right on the Limpopo river, 800+ hectares of prime wildlife property.

Surrounded by hills, the basin is ideal for game: Impala, Eland, Zebra, Bushbuck, Leopard, Kudu and others. Elephants often come through and lion have visited. Farm contains one of the largest Lala palm forests in Limpopo.

60 Kilometers from Mussina. Two large homesteads, dam and spring. Fenced.

Ideal for luxury lodge or fractional ownership development. Massive baobab trees and mopani grassveld.

Selling price R15m (US$1.84m and 1.29m exchange rate as on 17/08/09).

Click on the GoogleEarth icon to see location.


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